mer 19.12.18

19:30 - 22:30
The beatfree %2800

mer 19.12.18

19:30 - 22:30

The BeatFree @ Salone Cosmo


The BeatFree in concerto: Beatles and more and more... 

From The BEATLES... ...to Creedence Cl. Revival, Rolling Stones, Kinks, Byrds, Spencer Davis Group, Uriah Heep, Bob Dylan, Shadows, Equals, Little Richard, Elvis Presley, Barry McGuire, Sam Cooke, Scott McKenzie, Bee Gees, Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison, Steppenwolf, Mamas & Papas, Blues Brothers, John Denver, Moody Blues, Troggs, Santana, Christie, Crosby/Stills/Nash&Young, ecc. & ITALIAN EVERGREENS!

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possibilità di ricco aperitivo in musica sul posto

Berdy Ciriello (chitarre, armonica e voce principale)
Paul Roos (chitarre, basso e voce)
Angel Scalena (batteria, percussioni e voce)


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